Reimagining a child's first digital steps

“Why isn’t there a dedicated solution for children to explore digital media safely and without hassle?”
Lottie’s purpose is to provide children access to an uncompromising digital adventure, an experience that is equally joyful and safe. A magical place grounded in reality where they can explore, discover and play in a healthy and mindful environment.

What we want Lottie to be

Safe & Guided

We want to help children develop healthy habits, and assist parents in the process, through a carefully curated ecosystem.

Simple & Clever

We are designing products and experiences that are focused on the essential. We’re building Lottie to be as simple and intuitive as possible, accross all aspects.

Digital & Tangible

We are building a bridge between the digital and physical world to help children develop a balanced relationship with technology.

Personal & Magic

We are crafting a high-end solution that resonates with a kid’s universe, designing interactions that feel magical and engaging.

Be part of our mission