Be part of our mission

The Lottie Mission

We are looking for passionate people to join us on our mission to change the way children experience technology.

We believe in balance, where less is often more and learning is fun. We are creating a safe space for children to foster their imagination and for parents to naturally take part in the magical journey of their children exploring the (digital) world. We are designing a high quality interface and deliver valuable content experiences to help young children grow.

The Lottie Culture

At our company, we strip away policies and procedures and instead offer freedom, responsibility and trust. We value respectful, open communication, value opinions based on data, and base all our actions on what is best for our customers - young children and their parents.

We are thirsty learners, we seek to stay on top of best practices and constantly adapt our approach. One of the things we are working on mastering is how to best be a hybrid remote team. While our office in Berlin Mitte is welcoming to all who want, we also try to do our best in mastering asynchronous communication for our team members in different countries and those of us who prefer focus time and flexible schedules.

We are a small team putting a large emphasis on building supportive environment and are looking for people who want to join us on our journey. Diversity of perspective is immensely important in the products we are working on. We seek to build an inclusive workplace that welcomes team members of all backgrounds.