We are parents, dreamers, makers, designers and kids at heart. We all share the desire to make a positive impact.

A candid and passionate group of wide-ranging competencies, backgrounds, experiences & stories. 

We are entering unchartered territory and with the right people we can turn our vision into something truly unique. Our project is still young and we are growing fast, so come join us on our mission. 

Adham El Muntasser


Adham has spent the past 14 years in leadership positions across 4 different industries, ranging from real estate, over fashion ecommerce, to private equity and investment banking. He loves spending his free time with his wife and little daughter - and/or on his bicycle roaming around (and out of) town.

Carolin Becker

Science Team

Carolin has a BSc in media & communication from the University of Wuerzburg and is currently working on her Master's thesis. Her research focus is the psychological perspective on children's digital literacy and media use under the direction of Astrid Carolus. Having been to primary school in the US, Carolin is passionate about the English language and loves landscape photography. At Lottie, Carolin helps build our educational content strategy on a strong scientific foundation.

Kee Wilcox

Mechanical Engineering

Born and raised in California, Kee graduated from University of California, Berkeley, with a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering. Living in San Francisco, Kee was developing and engineering global consumer electronics products with Google, Fitbit, and Apple. Looking for a new adventure, Kee, his wife and their twin 4 year old boys followed their German roots and moved to Bavaria at the end of 2019. Kee contributes to the Lottie mission his wealth of experience in bringing successful consumer electronics products to market.

Leonhard Murr

Science Team

Originally from Munich, Leonhard has obtained his BSc is currently finishing his master’s degree in media & communication at the University of Wuerzburg. His research focus is media psychology, specifically digital literacy and digital media usage with children. At Lottie, Leonhard is part of the team shaping the educational content strategy.

Louise Leroy

Growth Projects

Made in Belgium, Louise has a master in Business Engineering & International Management, which led her to live in London & Sao Paulo before landing in the capital of techno, durums & black clothing: Berlin. Louise has a generalist profile, with a passion for developing businesses from the early-stages and working with innovative technologies.

Lucia Gartz

Head of People & Culture

Originally from Bavaria, Lucia moved to Berlin 14 years ago and is still very much in love with the city. She started her career in PR, but quickly found her passion in Recruitment and HR and worked for companies such as Rocket Internet and BCG Digital Ventures. Giving people the opportunity to find jobs they love and walk along with them becoming and remaining happy employees, just makes her happy. She is also very much into empathetic leadership and defines coaching & meditation not only as a tool but rather as a mindset.

Pascal Ruelle

Creative Director

Made in France, Pascal studied Industrial Design in India and had the chance to work with some top design firms across the US and EU. He’s is a long time La Chouffe lover and a Jimi Hendrix enthusiast among other things. He’s now committed to help bring Lottie to life across all design aspects!

Philipp Hartmann


When Philipp and his wife Markéta were confronted with the challenges of raising two chidren in an increasingly digital world, they quickly observed the apparent lack of solutions and decided to do something about it! Prior to Lottie, Philipp was COO at Pitch.com, ran Product at Raisin.com, and was an investor at Index Ventures. 

Steinunn Arnardottir

Co-Founder / CTO

Steinunn has over 10 years of experience from the Music Tech industry - prior to Lottie she worked on digital tools for music creators and DJs and led Engineering teams at Native Instruments. More recently as a parent of two, she was painfully missing the safe space for children to be creators and learners in the digital world and with Lottie she is passionate about changing that situation for good.

Steve Jacobs

Advisor to Lottie

Steve previously founded Olio Devices, which was acquired by Flex Ltd. in 2017, and subsequently joined Facebook's and Google's HW teams in the Bay Area. He is passionate about creating and scaling innovative products, teams, and businesses, and recently relocated to Berlin.

Thibault Moussanet

Industrial Designer

Thibault's natural curiosity followed him throughout his studies from France to India and all the way to Sweden where he graduated from Umeå Design School. After a few years creating inspiring work at studios like DCA and Teague, he started exploring a nomadic lifestyle to reconcile his environmental ethics and his creative passion.

How we work

At Lottie, we strip away policies and procedures and instead offer freedom, responsibility and trust.

We practice radical honesty and open & clear communication, value fact-based, strong opinions, and base all our actions on what is best for our customers. We want to break with conventions and create a place that is great to come from.

Be part of our mission

Our investor

BlueYard Capital is an early stage venture fund based in Berlin, backing entrepreneurs who set out to transform entire industries. 

Our investor

BlueYard Capital is an early stage venture fund based in Berlin, backing entrepreneurs who set out to transform entire industries.